Wood-n-Creations Chainsaw Carving, Jackson Michigan
Wood-n-Creations Chainsaw Carving, Jackson Michigan
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Michigan Chainsaw Carving

Chainsaw Carving

Chainsaw carving is becoming one of the fastest growing art forms in the world.
The chainsaw is typically know for destruction, but in the right hands it can become a powerful sculpting tool. It is one of the most physically demanding art forms and certainly one of the most dangerous. No one should attempt chainsaw carving without proper safety equipment and training.

Michigan Chainsaw Carving

Artist: Ron Kane
I started hand carving back in 1982 and created my first chainsaw carving in September 2002. I have met carvers from all over the United States and from several other countries. My thanks to all of those who have helped me along the way.

Fairs, Special Events & Grand Openings
I can be contracted to do demonstrations for any event. Several packages are available according to any special needs you may have. I can show up to do carving demos or you can contract me to do a desired number of carvings per day that the event can keep and do with whatever they wish.

At most events my client may choose to keep what I carve during my demonstration to auction off and therefore make money for the event. The average size of the carvings are between three to four feet tall and take an hour to complete, but bigger ones can be produced if the event requests it and time allows for it.

On Site Yard Tree - 14 ft Red Oak Tree
Michigan Chainsaw Carving

The public and the media love chainsaw carvers! It is sure
to be a great attraction and money maker for your next event.

Ted Nugent & Ron Kane

Care for your New Creation
Most carvings that come from my studio are ready to be placed outside, but some need special care first. I recommend applying several coats of spar varnish to a carving before it is put outside. Any good all-weather UV protector should be okay, but spar varnish is the best choice I have found to hold up outdoors. Be sure to put a patio stone or driveway stone under your carving if it is going in the yard. You don't want moisture to come up through the base of the carving and moisture promotes mold and rot.

Outside carvings and yard trees should be varnished with one to two coats a year to maintain the beauty of the wood. Avoid placing the carving in direct sunlight.

Inside carvings don't require any special maintenance, except for dusting occasionally. Polyurethane varnish seems to work better for inside carvings. It makes dusting easier than using spar. Carvings inside tend to check (crack) more than ones that are left outside.

Checking (cracking) is a normal occurrence with chainsaw carvings and any other wood that hasn't been kiln dried. Most people think checking adds to the character of the carving. Carvings can be kiln dried to help with checking, but it will add to the cost of your carving.

Wood-n-Creations Chainsaw Carving, Jackson Michigan

If you are interested in any custom work from small to large scale projects or would like additional information,
call Ron at (517) 513-1470 or Tiffany at (517) 513-1469 or send us an email to ron@wood-n-creations.net.

We look forward to serving you!

Ron & Tiffany Kane

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Michigan Chainsaw Carving

Michigan Chainsaw Carving

Wood-n-Creations Chainsaw Carving

Call Ron at (517) 513-1470 or Tiffany at (517) 513-1469.

Email: ron@wood-n-creations.net

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Michigan Chainsaw Carving